Contract Writer & Editor for the American Dental Association

I  have had the distinct honor of working as a contract writer for the Division of Global Affairs of the American Dental Association.

It has been a wonderful experience.   I was hired for my creative abilities as a writer and editor.  My main role has been to compose and edit persuasive and heartfelt copy to help in Haitian disaster relief efforts in the oral health sector. I am filled with pride to know my words have helped secure funding for crucial programs that will help rebuild the oral health infrastructure in Haiti.

In addition to my  work on Haitian relief,   I’ve had other assignments all of which  (to my delight) have been philanthropic in nature.  I have been given  various writing and editing jobs to assist the international relations of members and staff of the ADA.  I created content for the international webpage.  I edited and composed myriads of correspondence, meeting notes, reports, and miscellaneous copy.  I also headed several research projects culminating in well-written detailed reports.

Here are two sample letters I composed for the ADA.

Disclaimer:   I have blacked out, and replaced with Xs,  all the names of  individuals in order to protect their privacy.   All copy remains the property of the American Dental Association and is only posted here as evidence of my ability as a writer.    None of it may be reprinted without the express permission of the American Dental Association.

Letter written for the ADA asking for the support of a fundraising program for oral health disaster relief in Haiti

Letter written recognizing the achievement of dentist who volunteered overseas with a certificate


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