What if you realize you’re in love with your best friend…?

Published on, October 2010


Lainy placed her index fingers into the belt loops of the JC penny jeans I was trying on. I felt her eyes in the gap between the stretched out jeans and my panties.  She muttered a half-ass comment on how I had lost weight, but her gaze lingered just a moment too long and I hoped beyond hope it was something more. The tension was exquisite, with her tugging me closer by my pants the tips of my nipples just barely brushing hers. I stared to get real hot, and moist if you know what I mean…  I wanted Lainy to yank the curtain closed, push me back against the mirrors and put her tongue between my teeth.  I imagined myself tapping the inside of her incisors wrapping my lips around her tongue and taking her inside.  Instead, she just wiggled her fingers inside the belt loops, than pulled them out, incidentally tracing her fingers down my hips.  I got a chill from the base of my spine to the nape of my neck. I turned away from her and glanced at myself in the three mirrors.  I felt so sexy, with her around.  I turned back just in time to watch her cross her arms over her chest upside down, so she could grab the bottom of the shirt she was wearing, she pulled the end of the shirt up over her naval, until her head was shrouded but her round breasts (they looked to be a fistful each) were exposed.  She took the shirt off, entirely unconscious of my wanton eyes.   She wore a baby blue cotton bra (that I’m sure was soft to the touch).  I longed to touch her.  I wanted to squeeze that layer of skin over her hips in my hands as I pulled her to me.

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