The Last Mountain, Published in Weather or Not

An old man watches as the last of “those purple mountain majesties” crumples to coal dust.

Published in Weather or Not, January 2014

Weather or Not was published by BACK TO PRINT, a publishing apartment of storytellers broadening ther world of bookmaking with an offline community of creatives where stories can be crafted, published and told. Learn more via GETBACKTOPRINT@GMAIL.COM

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Excerpt from “The Last Mountain”

All the rest are gone. They are as flat a politician’s promise. I sit on my porch in the swing my grand-daddy built and look out at a lunar landscape. Under the gray sky there are deep craters of dirt and gravel where once stood those purple mountains majesty you sing about in school. Now all but one of them are ghosts in the corners of my eyes in the glimmer of dusty sunlight. I blink my eyes trying to reckon the sight in front of me and my memories. It used to be rolling hills and tree covered cliff tops, tall as the clouds with peaks in every direction.

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