Fractured Magic

Aine will do whatever it takes to protest climate change, but when warlocks bent on fracking the earth kidnap a child, she discovers she’s a druid and might have the power to save the planet.

Young Adult | Urban Fantasy | Cli-Fi

83,000 words with series potential

Seventeen-year-old Aine will do whatever it takes to protest climate change, but her anti-fracking campaign in Chicago is derailed when her uncle dies and her family relocates to Ireland. After meeting Liam, a fit, crush-worthy, green-eyed guy in a pub, she goes on a midnight run and falls down a well. There, she encounters the Archdruid who reveals humanity once had magic but their indiscriminate destruction of nature forced the gods to revoke this gift. Now facing dire circumstances, they have restored magic to a few young druids. Aine is shocked to learn she is one of them, and she just might have the power to save the planet after all.

Aine soon learns Liam is a fellow druid and that her uncle was killed by warlocks: former magic users who will stop at nothing to regain power — whether that means hyper-fracking every last surface of the earth to extract the temporary magic known as  “fragic” or kidnapping the children of druids. Then, a local child is taken. The druids, along with some reluctant fae and a mostly canine goddess, join forces to save her. When they learn the warlocks have captured more than 100 druid children, Aine and her crew must discover where they’ve been taken before the gods’ plan to fight the warlocks is thwarted, leaving no one to stop them from fracking up the planet.

About me

April Galarza

Twitter: @AprilWriter

I spend my days saving the planet one story at time. I write young adult cli-fi and I work for an amazing environmental nonprofit helping health care become a leader in sustainability.

I have a B.F.A in creative writing, a M.S. in environmental communications, and a black belt in taekwondo. I have been a professional nonfiction writer for more than 13 years. I have published six short stories and over 40 articles in newspapers, magazines, and other outlets including the Huffington Post and an award-winning article on climate change for a community newspaper.

I am obsessed with plant-forward cooking, environmental activism, and spending time in the great outdoors with my husband and Lola, our fur baby. I love audiobooks and hope that FRACTURED MAGIC becomes one someday.

❤ Books ❤

Books that I love

  • A Wrinkle in Time – My first favorite book
  • The Year of the Flood series – Really anything by Margaret Atwood
  • Woman Hollering Creek – I decided to be a writer thanks to a class on Sandra Cisneros in high school
  • Tangled Lands – Paolo Bacigalupi’s cli-fi is breathtaking and inspiring!
  • Dread Nation – Newest addition to my list, I still can’t get the haunting images and thrilling story out of my head.
  • Harry Potter – Ravenclaw in the house! I read the entire series 8+ times
  • Outlander series- Swoon
  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Ready Player One
  • The Red Tent
  • (and so, so, so, many others…)

What I’m reading right now: Love in the time of Global Warming

Books that helped inspire FRACTURED MAGIC

(If you like them, you will probably love my book 😉

  • Trail of Lightning – humor, gods, dystopia, kick-ass female protagonist, climate tie in. Be still my heart Rebecca Roanhorse!
  • Dark Swan series – I ❤ all of Richelle Mead’s works but this series’ magic was especially instructive
  • Dresden Files – the humor, the magic, the city!
  • Iron Druid series – has me laughing out loud, plus the pantheon of gods that are flawed and critical characters.
  • The Carbon Diaries – who says young people have to sit back and watch their planet be destroyed? Not Saci Lloyd…

Thanks for checking out my site, feel free to read some of my published stories while you’re here. I’m so happy to be part of the #writingcommunity.

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