Bike Fancy

Photo by Martha Williams of http://www.bikefancy.com

From tree-climbing and kayaking to camping, swimming, and star gazing, I spent my childhood barefoot exploring the forests, lakes, and fields of New England. I developed a deep and abiding love of nature that I have carried with me all of my life. I have channeled that love and my skills as a professional writer into writing stories to inspire hope and action around climate change.

I have been a professional writer for almost 15 years. I have published six short stories and over 40 articles in newspapers, magazines, and other outlets including the Huffington Post and an award-winning article on climate change for a community newspaper.

I earned my B.F.A in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked as a reporter, editor, writer, and communciations specialist for numerous publications, companies, and organizations.

I received my M.S. in Environmental Studies and Communications at Green Mountain College in Vermont. After intensive studies in environmental history, science,  philosophy, law, and policy, along with advanced coursework in advocacy and communication, I have taken my place working among like-minded changemakers as a communications specialist for the inspiring organization Health Care Care Without Harm.

It will take the combined efforts of countless of knowledgeable, talented, and passionate storytellers if we stand a chance at preventing runaway climate change, improving the global food system, and learning to live sustainably.  I am proud of my place among them.


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