Bike Fancy

Photo by Martha Williams of http://www.bikefancy.com

From tree-climbing and kayaking to camping, swimming and star gazing, I spent my childhood barefoot exploring the forests, lakes and fields of New England. I developed a deep and abiding love of nature that I have carried with me to Chicago. In fact my love of the natural world—and my resolve to protect it—has only been strengthened by the starless skies of the city.

I earned my B.F.A in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago. Since graduating in 2006, I have worked as a reporter, editor and writer for publications, companies and organizations throughout the Chicagoland area.  I wrote my first novel,  Corridos of the Copper Coin, and have published numerous short stories.

In 2010 I was contracted by the Division of Global Affairs of the American Dental Association. My role was to compose and edit persuasive and heartfelt copy to aid in Haitian disaster relief efforts. I am filled with pride knowing my words have helped secure funding for crucial programs that will help rebuild the oral health infrastructure in Haiti. It was a life-altering experience. I am in awe by the power of words to motivate action. From then on I sought out roles that allowed me the opportunity to contribute to causes through my writing.  I worked as a copywriter for Give Forward, a communications manager for Union Economic Strategies and as a research associate for Food Tank: The Food Think Tank.

I recently received my Masters degree in Environmental Studies and Communications at Green Mountain College in Vermont. After two years of intensive studies in environmental history, science,  philosophy, law and policy along with advanced coursework in advocacy and communication, I am prepared to take my place working among like-minded changemakers as a communications specialist.  I am ready to to explain complex scientific and environmental issues and develop communication projects utilizing a wide spectrum of media customized to my audiences’ worldviews and levels of understanding.

I continue in my journey to find ways to leverage my creative ability, skills and passion as a writer to fight the local battles of climate change, and to empower the organizations I work for to motivate action through well-crafted, impassioned words.

It will take the combined efforts of countless of knowledgeable, talented, and passionate communicators if we stand a chance at preventing run-away climate change, improving the global food system and learning to living sustainably.  I hope to take my place among them.


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