When I am not writing copy to help save the planet, I write fiction.  Here are some of my stories…

The Last Glacier Some mourn, some take advantage, some wonder where their next glass of water will come from when the last glacier melts. (Short story, Cat on a Leash Review)

The Last Mountain An old man watches as the last of “those purple mountain majesties” crumples to coal dust. (Short story, Back to Print)

Ghost Games  Growing up in a haunted house is challenging enough, never mind having to deal her parents’ rocky marriage, but now Lucia’s mom decides 13 is the perfect age to reveal the family curse. (Short story, Two With Water)

Vegetarian What if you fall in love with your best friend…and she’s a girl…?  (Short story,

La Llorona Sergio Delajolla may only be 13 but he can best any man or woman, even if she is dead. (Short story, 10,000 Tons of Black Ink)

The End of Summer What happens to the ice cream man when fall comes? (Flash Fiction, The Story Week Reader 2006)